Career Advice for Those Looking to Advance in the Toy Industry
Posted by toycareeradvice, 04/03/2018 10:17 am

A surprising number of toy industry employees actually start their careers in entry-level positions like toys r us factory jobs. However, it's important to note that nobody gets promoted to a management position without putting in a lot of hard work. Those who feel like they're ready to take a chance and attempt to move up the corporate ladder can read on to find some toy career advice that will help them be prepared to take that opportunity when they see it.

Have a Plan

No matter what position a worker takes in a company it's a good idea to have some kind of plan for the future in terms of meeting long-term career goals. Try to break that plan down into logical steps and figure out what skills will be relevant to meeting eventual goals. Look for job opportunities that will facilitate the development of these skill sets.

Money Isn't Everything

It's often tempting for workers to accept job offers that pay well but simply aren't in their field of choice. It's best for workers to carefully consider every job offer they get and determine whether or not it will genuinely help them to progress toward their ultimate goals. When evaluating a job offer, also think about promotion potential, job stability, and networking opportunities; if these prospects look good, it might be worth accepting the position even if the pay isn't quite what job seekers are expecting.

Lifestyle Concerns

Many executive-level jobs require substantial lifestyle changes, which can be a good thing or it can be a hindrance depending on the mindset of the employees being offered these jobs. Try to keep in mind that a well-paying job is just one important aspect of having a good life and building a successful future. Try to find a position that will allow a healthy work-life balance and carefully consider job responsibilities prior to accepting an offer, no matter how well it pays.

Find the Right Company

If a job offer is coming from another company, be sure to do some research prior to accepting it. Think about the size, history, and potential future of the company and don't take the job if it seems like the company itself is on the way out. It's also smart for job candidates to ensure that their values and ethics line up reasonably well with those of the company making the job offer.

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